stockAne and I went to Stockholm not too long ago to spend a weekend in the Swedish capital. We wanted to get some summer holiday before “King Winter” stands on our doorstep. Especially since we haven’t really had any vacation this summer. Clarion Hotel Sign was the hotel we ended up staying at, apparently one of the biggest hotels in the city. Read more »


WolfWolfmother is one of the best bands out there if you ask me personally, and a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see them perform live. That was one h… of a performance as well… Read more »

Skoglund Summer Festival 2012

HagepartyWe invited our friends to our first “garden” party this summer. It might sound all fancy but it was nothing like that. Read more »

We had a blast last weekend with TSW launch party and the big music festival in Oslo called “Musikkfest”. It’s a music festival being organized every year, and the good part of it is that it’s no cover charge and many upcoming band get a chance to play. Read more »


This weekend is dedicated to the grown ups. In what meaning? We’re staying at a fancy hotel downtown or in Tigerstaden as the locals call it. Read more »

A postcard from home

husThe last few weeks have been quite busy with both work and stuff to do at home. I had my family come by last weekend to help us with the summerproject 2012. Read more »

Family + Spotify = ?

spotI guess we all can agree that streaming entertainment is not something that will disappear. Whether we talk about streaming music, games or movies. In today’s market you find software such as Voddler for movies, Wimp and Spotify for music and play-on demand for games. Are the consumer willing to pay for all these services? Read more »

New soundsystem

soundThe Skoglund summerparty is getting closer and I’ve been debating with myself how to solve the whole music challenge. Obviously anyone organizing a summerparty need some kind of music source to keep the crowd happy! Read more »

Nikon D3200 – Rumors

NikonNot news from today but I read about the new D3200 @ Nikon Rumors. If anything is close to true we’re going to see an epic change on the DSLR cameras. Read more »

Naval War, Artic Circle

artic Naval War, Artic Circle has become my new addiction as of lately. I would have never thought this but it’s true. At least this is the game stealing some of my sparetime Read more »

Easter – Everybody evacuate to the mountains!

It’s been days since I wrote something. I’ve been rather busy the last few weeks with a big project that has been ongoing for the last few weeks. Read more »

Stop the press!

avisStop the press! One of my photo’s has for the first time been used in a newspaper. Read more »

Time for an upgrade?

A friend of mine told me about this neat plugin that you can use for Lightroom to add depth while editing. I’m not talking about depth as measurement. Read more »

St Paddy’s day

Or as they officially call it; Saint Patrick’s Day. This is a big day for anyone somehow connected to Ireland and it’s one of the big days for Dubliner Folk Pub in Oslo. Read more »

Kony 2012

Good example of how social medias can reach out to thousands of users? Kony 2012 is a perfect case to use as an example. Who hasn’t seen various people on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels talk about Kony 2012? Read more »


We had another gaming session last weekend, and as many as 7 friends of mine came out to Skoglund. I think we set a new record in Bang. One session lasted close to 3 hours. Read more »

Busy schedule

kingIt’s been busy days and I’ve not had much time to do anything besides working and focusing on things at home. Which is a good thing as it makes me occupied. Last week my brother was staying over at our house and he made one hell of a meal (pardon my language). Read more »

Back on track

We’re back on track with the page. Jonas Fredin did some magic and the upload feature from Flickr works as intended. Still got some work left to do with the different features that I’ve been talking about. Such as the “like” feature on the different pictures. But we’re taking babysteps. Most critical issue at hand was the fact that Flickr and my site stopped talking to each other. So.. expect some new pictures to be coming to the site in the near future.


I’ll be having guests this coming weekend. My brother and a friend of him will be stopping by as they are coming to town due to a Ramstein concert. I’m not complaining as he’s a rather good chef. Read more »

Error – Loading please wait

We tried to upload the latest pictures from the Saalbach 2012 trip. Easier said than done. There are some technical issues which we’re currently working on. Read more »

D800 now official

The D800 finally announced! There has been speculations around this camera for more than a year and now it’s official. It will be interesting to see the different reviews on the camera. Will it replace the well known D700? Read more »

New gadget

I got myself a new gadget today. Or rather, I bought myself a new iPhone as I’m changing employer. I ended up with an iPhone 4s as I felt it wasnt really any other option. That’s how it works. Apple have solved the puzzle. How to get our customer “stuck” with our products. Read more »

Gift to your boyfriend?

So I was reading this magazine for Sound and Picture when i discovered this “small” toy. If you ever wonder about what to give your boyfriend who has everything. Why not buy him a Numark iDJ Consoll? The only thing this hardware is missing is support for Spotify. Now there you have a business idea for Spotify as well. A DJ subscription which gives the user support for playing two tracks at the same time with queues. Read more »

Monday blues

It’s Monday and I’m having difficulties not thinking about the upcoming trip to Saalbach Hinterglemm. Yes, we’re getting close to week 5 and our yearly trip to Austria. We have an all time high when it comes to participants and it’s counting 13 in all. Last one jumping on the “wagon” was Magnus who bought his ticket on Friday. No one saw that coming. Read more »

TGIF – as in Thank God It’s Friday

Indeed it is and we like it. I got the whole weekend planned and it will be Monday before I even know it. That’s the bad thing about weekends. They tend to fly faster than it arrived. Enough mumbo jumbo. I figured I should mention on my own page that the cat is out of the bag. Read more »

The next step?

My friend and designer Jonas Fredin added recently support to change header picture on the main page. An important addition as this can change the “look” and expression to the site with manually adjustments done by admin. So what other changes are we planning? Read more »

Mountain of Madness

Mark the day for it was Friday 13th that 17 men from the west coast and one lost soul from Oslo decided to climb the mountain of madness. We rented two cabins, and our plan was to eat, drink and go skiing (downhill). Cross country ain’t our cup of tea. Read more »

Dark Days are Coming

TemplarsI’m completing the circle and I’ll be heading “home” in not too long. It’s been a fun journey and I have learned a lot, I’ve met many very talented people and it’s with mixed feelings that I now move on. But I also realized that this was the right thing to do.. So.. Dark Days are Coming!

CES – NR rapporterer fra messen

CES Den store teknologimessen CES går av stabelen denne uken. Nikon Rumors er på plass for å rapportere de siste nyhetene. Kan vi håpe på mer detaljer rundt D800? Ryktene sier at dette kamera skal annonseres offisielt i februar etter lekkasje fra ulike lokaliserte Nikon-sider.

The number is 12

The magic number is 12 in 2012. We´re getting close to our next trip to Austria. Every year @ week 5 a selected group of friends head for the high mountains in Saalbach. This year is no different and we are as many as 12 friends heading down there this year. Are we looking forward to it? Oh yes we are! Read more »

I am A D4

Da var katten ute av sekken. Eller skal man si D4 ute av sekken? Om man besøker Nikon Rumors i dag vil man finne masse informasjon om Nikon sitt nye flaggskip. For min del blir vel dette litt over min liga med tanke på pris. Read more »

Nikon D4

Nikon Rumors droppet nettopp en “nyhetsbombe” i fanget på de fleste som følger litt med på siden. I dag kunne de informere de sultne fotografer at de hadde fått tak i en artikkel som i utgangspunktet hadde en lanseringsdato, 10 januar 2012. Read more »

Nikon annonserer

Det går rykter om produktlansering nå førstkommende fredag. Blir spennende å se hvilke produkt som annonseres, men alt indikerer på at det blir den nye D4. Nikon Rumors har lansert et bilde av det som skal være det nye kamera. Ja, så gjenstår det å se om dette er falske bilder eller reelt. Selv venter jeg i spenning på annonseringen av arvtakeren til D700, nemlig D800.


Det er nylig blitt lansert en ny nettside for fotointeresserte. Skal bli spennende å se utviklingen på denne siden. Personlig mener jeg dette absolutt dekker et savn da jeg ikke har sett noe tilsvarende løsning for det norske markedet. Det hjelper jo også at dette er mennesker som jobber hos Foto&Video, kanskje norges svar på B&H som man finner i New York. Det blir i hvertfall en nettside jeg skal holde et lite øye med for å se hvordan det utvikler seg.


Godt nytt år!

Da er det bare å ønske venner og familie et riktig godt nytt år! Det var en litt brå start på hverdagen 2 januar, en kan aldri forberede seg 100% på vekkerklokken som plutselig ringer kl 07:15. Read more »


Det står for ny spilling i skauen etter ca. en mnd pause fra sist gang vi la kortene på bordet. Denne gang blir det nye runder med spillet Bang. Read more »

Dead pixels

I går satt jeg å redigerte noen av bildene jeg tok i julen. Vi har hatt en flott jul i det nye huset, det var derfor med blandende følelser da jeg gjorde min “oppdagelse”.

Read more »

Julebordsesongen – The end

Da var omsider julebordsesongen over. På mangen måter kan en vel si endelig.

Read more »

The Dark Tower

Jeg jobber meg sakte men sikkert gjennom “mesterverket” til Stephen King, The Dark Tower.

Read more »


Julebordsesongen er i gang. I helgen var jeg i hyggelig lag nede i Tønsberg.

Read more »