The Dukes

I had to go back. Back to the city. Bruges.

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Skoglund – The Bareksten ExP

We invited Stig Bareksten himself to Skoglund.

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Ancient Egypt

A group of 10 wanted to go back in time. Back to the ancient Egypt to study the past. We went flying in airballoons, sailed on the Nile and drove ATVs in narrow streets of Cairo. We give you ancient Egypt through our eyes.

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This Is England

Some of us decided to make something more out of the wedding in Brighton. 6 of us decided to make it all into a remarkable roadtrip. We wanted to explore the coast of south England. First, 3 of us drove all the way from Skotbu to Brighton. A short stop in Belgium – Brugge was the only break before Brighton. 22 hours drive. After the wedding we drove towards Cornwall. Stopping at various small towns and castles. This is England. This is our adventure.

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Brighton – The Wedding

Synnøve & Pål invited their family and friends to Brighton. For a beautiful wedding lasting for two days. First day, a trip to the fantastic winery Ridgeview. And on the second day we got to see the couple get married down at the beach of Brighton. Something we will never forget.

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In Bruges Tripple

Some Co workers and I went to Belgium to participate The North Sea Beer Festival in Oostende. The city is not too far away from Brugge. So we decided to stay in Brugge as this is turning out to be one of my favorite cities in Europe.

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Wedding In Tuscany

Stig & Anette invited their close friends to a fairy tale that will never be forgotten. Many claim Tuscany to be the greatest place on earth. They might not be too far away from the truth. This was a memory for life, and I know it was not my last visit. That i promise Tuscany. It was love with first sight.

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The Bachelor

The Bachelor Party at Hemsdalen. He had no idea that we were to pick him up at work. Basically kidnapped him with approval from his boss. Then drove up to the mountains and organized a party he will never forget. We hope!

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10 yrs LåveRåkk

Anniversary. 10 yrs with music in Skotbu. LåveRåkk met its milestone this year, celebrating its 10 yrs anniversary and people had a blast by the looks of it. Vidar Johnsen was the main headliner, followed by Johanne Vie, Odamo and New Canvas. They all created a magically atmosphere, making the anniversary a great success. 1409 it is, Skotbu. See you next year! Watch the photos »

Car Cemetery

Friends and I drove to Sweden to check out a car cemetery we were told about. The whole place gave us a post apocalyptic feeling, sort of Mad Max feeling. The pictures shows only small parts of the whole area. It was huge, with old cars all over the place. In this place, no one can hear you scream!

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2015 – Saalbach World Cup

Our yearly trip to Saalbach Hinterglemm was something special this year. Ski World Cup was back in the Ski Cirkus and this was something we did not want to miss. The pictures I took is not showing too much of the World Cup itself, but rather the atmosphere and good company. This yearly trip has become a must, and hopefully there are many trips ahead of us.

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Beer in Brugge

Beer-tasting was the main motivation for this trip. After my first visit to Brugge with Ane I decided the city had to be explored again, with my buddies. So many different types of beer undiscovered.

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Back again, in the barn

This year the lineup at the rock festival was superior. The Smiler was back together with Tainted Soul and more bands. One thing is for certain, this was one hell of a good night. People enjoyed the music and the good company. Next year its a 10 years anniversary. Can it top 2014? Time will tell.

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2013 – LåveRåkk

So we’re back at the barn!! LåveRåkk 2013 was a successful night with different live performances in different music genre. Here are some pictures which gives you an idea of the atmosphere we had there.

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Skotbu Pub – Tainted Souls

Skotbu Pub run by local forces and it’s all done in good spirit. It’s volunteers wanting to give our community the little extra. The band Tainted Souls came by to give us a special concert, a world premiere gig before they head over to the big apple New York to play 4 gigs in December. We’re looking forward to have them back at LåveRåkk 2014, cause these guys were really good live.

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2013 – Once upon a time there was a Princess

Once upon a time there was a Princess who were getting married to her Prince. Here you can find some of the pictures taken during the wedding weekend at Lensvik up in Trøndelag. A beautiful wedding which we will never forget! Watch the photos »

2013 – Summertime

Ane and I have been traveling around this summer. We’ve been to places such as Risør, Vadsø, Bergen and Trondheim (well.. I went alone to Bergen and London.. but that’s details!). Watch the photos »

My Microlens

Awhile ago I bought a lens for my collection which has been gathering dust for awhile. However, now it’s in use and I’m practicing in order to get ahold of using such a lens. It’s a bit different than what I’m used to. Watch the photos »

2013 – Saalbach

It has become a old tradition. Climbing the peaks of Saalbach Hinterglemm and after one long year of waiting we finally got to go for another fantastic trip. Watch the photos »

LåveRåkk 2012

Our good neighbors arrange a yearly music festival called LåveRåkk (Barn-Rock) in Skotbu for friends. This year they invited in total 6 good bands, and here are some pictures from that evening.

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A good Mix

This is a section dedicated to some “random” pictures I´ve taken but which does not have its own photo-group due to number of pictures shot during the various events.

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85 years

Ane and I was invited to her grandmother celebrating her 85 years birthday. Friends and family were gathered all together and it was a great party.

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2012 – Saalbach

This was my 10th time in Saalbach. We had close to 3 metres of snow and the weather conditions were not to complain about. Though, I didn’t bring my backpack with photo-equipment along as much as previously. Watch the photos »

Skotbu Jul

2011 – Skotbu Julaften, romjulspilling og nyttår

Vi hadde vår første jul i det nye huset. Sandra, Sara, Martin, Ane og jeg skulle med andre ord innvie julen ute i skogen. Her er noen bilder fra kvelden fylt med pakker, god mat og artig underholdning. I romjulen fikk vi også besøk av guttaboys.

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2011 – Last Wish

Gruppen Last Wish trengte noen raske bilder som de kunne bruke for promotering samt cover.

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2011 – Edinburgh

Deadlands-gruppen bestemte seg for en aldri så liten tur til utlandet. Vi alle er glad i de edle dråper så valget var enkelt, det ble med Edinborough.

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2011 – Firenze

Det var sommeren i 2011 at Ane, meg & Jens Christian dro til vakre Firenze for en langhelg.

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2011 – Ravnereiret

It was July 22nd that a bunch of friends packed their gear and got ready to head into the wild. Not knowing what all went down in Oslo. It was not until later we would find out the serious situation taking place in Norway. For us, it was just ourselves enjoying the good time in the wild. Watch the photos »

2011 – Konfirmasjon i Vadsø

Sara & Sandra ble konfirmert i Mai.

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Hemsedalen 2011

2011 – Hemsedal with Creuna

Creuna rented two cabins in the mountains for their yearly trip @ Hemsedalen. Watch the photos »


2011 – Saalbach

We like to stick to our traditions. This includes our trips to Saalbach Hinterglemm every winter. In 2011 I managed to convince Aleksander at work to join us and I doubt he regret it. I will go as far as saying this was probably the best trip we had so far. Weather and snow conditions was more or less perfect. Our next trip to Saalbach will be the 10th trip. Now thats worth a special celebration right? Watch the photos »


2010 – Vadsø høst

Ane and I took a short trip to the city up north called Vadsø. I managed to take a few pictures from the surroundings. Vadsø is Ane’s birthplace. Watch the photos »

2010 – Ravnereiret

Det skulle bli en ny tur inn i villmarken sammen med “Gutta på Tur”. Pågangen var så stor at vi måtte bygge en ny lavo slik at alle skulle få plass. Denne gangen kastet bl.a. Peter seg med på turen.

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2010 – Sandefjord & Sommer

Ane, Martin & jeg dro til Sandefjord for å besøke noen venner som ferierte på hytten.

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2010 – Julie’s dåp

Det var tid for dåp. Lillesøsteren til Wilma, Julie ble døpt i 2010 – Lamberseter. Da var det jo tid for kaker, pølser og alt som hører til. :)

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2010 – Monica gifter seg

Det var i 2010 at klokkene slo for min kjære søster og hennes mann Bjørn Roald. Et flott bryllup som ble holdt i Bergen.

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2010 – Split

Vi reiste østover for å finne varmen. Det var første gang vi skulle prøve en kompistur til strøk med litt god temperatur. Vi falt til slutt på Split, noe vi ikke angret på i ettertid.

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2010 – Saalbach

Dette var første sesong hvor medlemmer av “Gutta på Tur” ble med til Østerrike. Magnus, Eirik Ø og Raymond lot seg lett overtale. En kan vel si at Saalbach ga mersmak selv om ikke flotte lotte var en vinner.

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2009 – Villmarkstur til Bergen

Det var i 2009 at vi tok vår første tur inn i skogen. I ettertid har dette blitt en fin tradisjon blandt “Gutta på Tur”.

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2009 – Vilnius

Gutta var klar for en ny tur. Dette året var det Vilnius som stod for tur. Nok en by i østen skulle erobres fra de eventyrlystne “Gutta på Tur”.

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